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As part of the social media company's legal battle to force the billionaire entrepreneur to complete the $44 billion (about Rs. 3,51,200 crore) acquisition of the platform, Twitter has reportedly been forced to provide Elon Musk with further information regarding spam and bot accounts. An information request has been made to Twitter regarding the 9,000 accounts it examined last year. Musk had stated that he had a good reason to end the agreement with Twitter due to the false information released by the American internet giant regarding the number of spam and bot accounts.

Bloomberg reports that Musk has received a request from Delaware Chancery Court judge Kathaleen St. J. McCormick for Twitter to provide additional details about spam and bot accounts. At the moment, the business.

The business is presently battling Musk to finalize the platform acquisition for $44 billion (around Rs. 3,51,200 crore).

Twitter has sought details regarding the 9,000 accounts it evaluated last year in an effort to distinguish between spam accounts and those that were managed by humans.

On the grounds of privacy, Twitter had previously tried to keep this information from Musk.

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